Twenty-Five Ideal Audiences for Ben

  1. Trade associations - Ben started the idea of working with like-minded individuals to get things done. It was this that resulted in the first public lending library, the first hospital, the reinvigorated Fire Brigade, the University of Pennsylvania, paved streets, etc. 

  2. Legal Groups - Ben worked with more lawyers and judges than with members of any other profession. As Ben, Chris has addressed the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, the Nebraska Bar, the El Paso County (CO) Bar Association, and private law firms.  His nationally acclaimed CLE "Ben Franklin on Ethics"®  is available every two months by webinar or as a live performance.  Write Chris for details. 

  3. Medical groups - Ben created the first hospital in the colonies, financed its library, invented the first flexible catheter, made many far-sighted observations on health, wellness, and specific ways to live longer. His interest in health has already made him a welcome speaker for various keynote addresses to health-related organizations such as the Iowa Hospital Association, and the Professional Association of Health Care Office Managers.

  4. Military groups or reunions - Ben created our first militia, carried a musket at fifty, helped arm the Revolutionary army from France, and recognized the need for, and successfully recruited trained, French officers to help our new nation win the Revolutionary War.

  5. Education - Ben, with only two years of formal education, championed the right of all to life-long learning. He contributed to schools for the education of slave children,   created what would become the U. of Penn, and left monies in his will for education. He was, himself, our first real wordsmith, and wrote/edited the two best-selling publications in the colonies; the Pennsylvania Gazette and Poor Richard’s Almanac. A life-long learner himself, his values are models for today’s students, from elementary school to the post-graduate level. Chris has brought Ben to schools coast-to-coast and in Europe, delivered Convocation addresses, and has lectured as Ben to school audiences in both English and French.

  6. Franchise meetings - Ben invented the concept of franchising when a printer in Philadelphia and every franchise operation today owes its existence to Ben’s foresight. Chris has brought Ben's business acumen and creative thinking to franchise operations as diverse as Learning RX and Amway.

  7. Entrepreneurs and financial groups - The author of ”a penny saved is a penny earned,” Ben’s innovative business practices and financial savvy made him “healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Chris has addressed entrepreneur meetings, financial client appreciation dinners, and meetings of bank executives.

  8. Insurance industry - Ben started the first fire insurance company in the colonies, an organization still running.  Chris has presented to insurance groups as varied as the Maryland Auto Insurance Fund and the Texas Health Insurance Underwriter’s Association.

  9. Fire-Fighters and Law Enforcement – Ben’s reorganization of the Philadelphia Fire brigade and the night-watch elevated fire-fighting and policing to a level of professional excellence hitherto unseen. Chris's keynote presentation to the Arizona Fire Chiefs Association was particularly well received.

  10. Faith-based organizations - Ben was a man of faith and a friend to all religions. He was very supportive, morally and financially, to the Philadelphia synagogue, Temple Mikveh Israel, and all the other churches of his city. Chris has spoken to a large, Catholic school in Tampa and at a fund-raiser for a Jewish synagogue in Colorado Springs.

  11. Political groups  - Republican, Democrat, or Independent, all will all find much in the life and ideas of Ben with which to identify. Chris is totally non-partisan in his programs, taking particular care to present Ben's ideas on government accurately.

  12. Historical societies - Bringing history to more vibrant life in interactive programs is one of the great delights for an historical performer.

  13. Fund-raisers - Ben was a master fund-raiser and as Ben, Chris has presented for regional meetings of Boys and Girls Club, various libraries, museums, etc. "Brunch with Ben” type affairs or formal speeches are all good venues for Ben to help stimulate increased support for organizations. 

  14. Government and diplomatic affairs - As our nation's first internationally known diplomat, Ben is the perfect speaker for diplomatic events.  Chris has presented for the French and American government in France for black-tie dinners for diplomatic and business communities. 

  15. US Post Office - Ben was our first Postmaster-General, inventing the odometer for his postal carriages, creating over-night delivery, and doing much to improve service during his tenure. As Ben, Chris has performed for a USPS function in Denver and the French “Poste” in France.

  16. Scientific or technical companies - Ben was the high-tech guru of his time, creating new ways to speed communication on both land and sea. He was an innovator, our first important and internationally recognized scientist and earned the eighteenth century equivalent of the Nobel Prize.

  17. Publishing and printing industry - As printer, publisher, and committed wordsmith, Ben wrote the two best-selling publications in the colonies: his newspaper, the Pennsylvania Gazette, and his well-beloved “Poor Richard’s Almanac,” which even outsold the Bible!  Chris presided and spoke as Ben at the opening of the Olde Yakima  Letterpress Museum in Washington State in 2014.

  18. Trade and manufacturing associations - Ben did much to encourage trade and represented our colonies' commercial interests in England. He wrote about trade and trade policies and how manufacturing here in the colonies was crucial to the development of freedom.

  19. Travel industry - Ben made eight transatlantic crossings  and visited every colony, the only Founding Father to do so. He loved visiting the Continent, as well as Ireland and Scotland, and was the best-traveled man of his generation. Several of his inventions made travel quicker, safer and easier.

  20. Service organizations - Ben was a Mason and proud of his membership. Chris has spoken to many Rotary club meetings and has developed a special talk for Rotary International built around their Four-Way Test.

  21. Sales/marketing meetings - Ben’s innovative sales and marketing techniques helped build his fortune and are instructive, entertaining, and inspiring to today’s sales audiences.

  22. African-American groups - Ben’s remarkable evolution from slave owner to Abolitionist is little known but important. His views on rights for minorities were far in advance of his time.

  23. Professional womens groups -  Ben argued for the education of women and had his most important relationships with those women who were intelligent, educated, contributive, powerful.

  24. Native-American groups - Ben met with many tribes, took ideas from the Iroquois Nation and its leader, Cassenetego,  to help form his own concepts of government. Another lesser known but very important chapter in the story of our Republic's beginnings.

  25. Inventors - Ben’s inventions are still part of our daily lives: lightning rod, bifocals, catheter, security systems, odometer, many others.